11 Best Gifts for the Health Enthusiast in Your Life

Gifts are supposed to be a little indulgent. But if you’ve got a health-minded friend or family member on your to-buy list, that box of chocolates, bottle of wine, or steakhouse gift certificate might not be their idea of a treat. So what to get instead?

We say play to their interests. Clean snacks or subscription boxes, fresh workout gear, or high-quality supplements might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect present. But they might be exactly what’s on your wellness guru’s wish list. Here are 11 health- and fitness-inspired gifts that’ll win every time. 

Best birthday gifts for men for under $100

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that men are often much harder to buy for than women. Be it sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands or fathers, it’s all too easy to find yourself completely lost for ideas when it comes to sourcing the perfect birthday gift for men, especially given that men are generally far less forthcoming when it comes to dropping hints. 

The dilemma is made all the harder by the fact that you probably just wracked your brain to find a present that fit the bill for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or one of any of the other myriad holiday gifting periods. After all, there’s a limit to how much pretending to smile at a novelty tie and cufflinks set a man can muster...

7 Gifts for Boyfriend/Husband this summer

As summer approaches, so too does the season of gift-giving to husbands and boyfriends all over. It’s true. Not only are men more likely to have June through September birthdays, but that’s probably where your anniversary falls. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for your husband or boyfriend, summer 2021, for either or any occasion.

Admittedly, ladies don’t always need the guidance that gents do when it comes to gifting. We’ve got outside-of-the-box options here though, presents he may not think to get for himself.

10 Gift Ideas for Men With Style

You’ve come to OpenMe.com because you know you can find the perfect card for any occasion, featuring beautiful art and sentiments to fit the mood. But you know every card needs a gift, right? Sometimes shopping for the fussier man in your life can be daunting, though. You know he always looks great and has a style all his own, but does that mean you have to go drop big bucks on designer labels? Nah. Stick with us. We got this. Check out some of our suggestions below for on-trend, yet classic fashionable gifts for men that he’s sure to love, no matter his style. 

Baby Gift Ideas for Newborns

What Gift Should You Buy for a Newborn Baby?

When a friend or family member has a baby, it’s definitely an exciting time. You get to “shower” your friend with baby gifts, and buy a combination of useful or just cute gifts. This can be part of a baby shower or just stopping by and paying mom a visit with a nice baby gift.

Easiest Birthday Gifts for Him and Her

Sometimes the easiest gift is the most satisfying gift – especially when it comes to birthdays. Open Me understands the draw of simplicity, and would like to help its fans and readers out here. By recommending the easiest birthday gifts on the planet, we can help make sure that no one is left without a birthday gift.

Office Goodbye Party Ideas

How to Throw a Proper Office Goodbye Party

Office goodbye parties are a nice way to send off an employee – assuming he or she leaves on good terms. If they are indeed leaving on good terms, there are a number of fun activities to do. And although it might seem contrary to expend time and money on an employee who is leaving your company, it can in fact be the opposite: by investing and showing appreciation for an employee who is leaving, this will show the current employees that they are indeed appreciated, even after they leave. 

Easter Gift Ideas for Adults, Kids, and Co-Workers

Easter Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids, Adults, and Co-Workers

This year the Easter holiday will fall out on March 27, 2016, and is a perfect opportunity for anyone to give a special gift to celebrate the holiday. Traditionally, Easter is a kids-centric holiday, with Easter egg hunts and other delectable treats that satisfy most kids’ sweet tooth’s. However, Easter can also be a great opportunity to give a gift to adults: be it a loved one, family member, or co-worker.


The Perfect Birthday Complimentary Gift

Compliment Your Birthday Gift

Purchasing a birthday gift for a special someone or a friend can be a daunting task. You may not know what to purchase, or whether the recipient will like it. Additionally, it’s possible that the gift you buy may be too much, or too little.