A Guide to Buying a Gift For Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift Etiquette

When it comes to Mother’s Day, everyone wants to make sure they have the right gift. There is nothing more satisfying than making mom happy on her day of appreciation. In order to make mom happy, you have to get her a gift. This we know. The question is, what sort of gift do you get? Do you treat it like a birthday? Or just get a card? And if you’re not going to see her, maybe just a free eCard? Or is a phone call sufficient?

A Gesture is Sufficient

There are a few notions to consider. If your mom’s birthday is in the same month as Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday of May each year), then you probably don’t need to get the most serious or expensive gift. This is, of course, assuming that you purchased or created a meaningful gift for her birthday.

The question is, what kind of gift qualifies as nice but doesn’t cost much. A card is the obvious answer. A handwritten note on a nice card is certainly sufficient. There is the issue for those that won’t physically get to see their mothers on the day of celebration. Thankfully, one can just send a Happy Mother’s Day eCard.

Get Something Nice

Let’s say your mom celebrated her birthday on April 15th – a mere 7 weeks before Mother’s Day. Do you get her a big gift? How much do you splurge? After all, you probably got something nice for her birthday. And now Mother’s Day less than 2 months later!

I would say the etiquette here is to buy something small, but meaningful. Perhaps your mother enjoys gardening – buy her some organic skin cream for hands. Or if she likes the smell of roses, buy her an aromatic rose scented candle. Both of these gifts, though small, will go a long way in showing that you care and that you have mom on your mind.

Go All Out

If Mother’s Day is nowhere in the ballpark of mom’s birthday, then you need to go big or go home. This means spending some money, but also making it meaningful. How about a necklace with your mom’s favorite pendant? Maybe a pearl necklace, followed by dinner at a nice restaurant? Sure, it sounds like a lot, but I don’t know a mother in the world who wouldn’t appreciate such a gesture.

Regardless of when mom’s birthday falls out, there is one thing to keep in mind for Mother’s Day: make sure that you gift is meaningful, even if it’s just a card.