Baby Gift Ideas for Newborns

What Gift Should You Buy for a Newborn Baby?

When a friend or family member has a baby, it’s definitely an exciting time. You get to “shower” your friend with baby gifts, and buy a combination of useful or just cute gifts. This can be part of a baby shower or just stopping by and paying mom a visit with a nice baby gift.

Of course, not everyone can physically deliver a gift, whether they are travelling or simply living abroad. One easy solution (until you have time to ship a proper gift) is a send a note. This can be a greeting card if you have the time, or sent via email – check out one of our free baby eCards to send. This Kangaroo baby card is adorable – every mother is bound to love it!

The easiest baby gift idea is clothing. A mother can never have too many onesies to put on their newborn. Obviously, you’ll have to find out if it was a girl or boy (so that you can choose between pink and blue!). Other easy clothing ideas include socks and tee shirts.

The next set of gifts falls under the “practical” section. Obviously a mother will appreciate any gifts that will help with the daily care of her baby. The most practical gift would include diapers – bringing over a big box of diapers is definitely a heartwarming site for any mom – one less trip to the department store! It would be wise to ask beforehand, however, as certain moms buy very specific diapers. Another nice add-on might be A&D ointment, but again, always best to check with mom about this.

One creative solution might be a subscription to Amazon Mom – a new service from, which offers discounts on diapers, wipes, and many other baby products from Amazon Mom and other Amazon baby registry products. It also gives free membership to regular Prime, which is a nice side-benefit.

Toys, toys, and toys. The value of a good, solid baby and kids toy is that it will last for many years, and provide hours and hours of entertainment that doesn’t include a TV. In terms of which toys to purchase, there are a plethora of options out there – walking into any Toys R Us will present a bevy of options. A nice touch would be to buy toys that have a soft touch, especially for babies. The hard plastic toys might last longer, but are more geared toward slightly older kids.