Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day is a special day for any couple, and it is super important to get a nice gift that one’s spouse or romantic partner will love and appreciate. We’ve broken down V-Day gift options into 3 categories, with recommendations for each: Jewelry, flowers, and love letters.

Jewelry Lasts Forever

Jewelry is a broad term, and your choice of jewelry really depends on your level of relationship and commitment. We would stay away from rings, as those are reserved for engagements and promises. Bracelets are nice, but are better served as a spontaneous gift. Also, it’s hard to buy a bracelet for someone unless they try it on first. That leaves earrings and necklaces. Earrings are a nice and affordable touch for any guy looking to put a smile on his girl’s face. A necklace is a serious option for any Valentine – just be prepared for the implications of buying such a meaningful gift! One classic romantic option for a necklace would be a pearl necklace, which every girl dreams of owning. If one is looking for something less formal, they can go with something chic such as a beaded flower necklace, which will certainly be unique and appreciated. Speaking of flowers…

Flowers are for Everyone

Flowers are always appreciated by significant others. Though the easy flower choice for Valentine’s Day is generally a dozen roses, a nice touch (and a way to save money as well) is to mix red roses with red carnations, topped off with a red ribbon. This romantic gesture is sure to impress anyone on V-day. Another nice flower combination for February 14th is a rose and lily mixture. This floral bouquet consists of pink Asiatic lilies, Peruvian lilies and red roses. For a nicer effect, add pink roses. This bouquet is sure to impress its recipient. If you can’t make it to the florist shop, then you can always send a flower eCard instead. Though it isn’t the same, it is certainly better than nothing.

Send a Love Letter

Sometimes, the best Valentine’s Day gifts can be a simple card with writing. Why not express your true feelings to your romantic interest with a love letter? And if you don’t have time to run to the store and buy an actual greeting card, well, that’s no problem. You can send Valentine's Day eCards without leaving your computer. Make sure to customize your eCard with your own romantic note, and then send it to your unsuspecting partner. And If you think that a digital greeting card isn’t sufficient on its own, then that’s fine too – it can be added to a real gift, and will simply serve as a cherry on top. Additionally, eCards are the perfect gift for someone who is living abroad and is unable to physically deliver a gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!