Office Goodbye Party Ideas

How to Throw a Proper Office Goodbye Party

Office goodbye parties are a nice way to send off an employee – assuming he or she leaves on good terms. If they are indeed leaving on good terms, there are a number of fun activities to do. And although it might seem contrary to expend time and money on an employee who is leaving your company, it can in fact be the opposite: by investing and showing appreciation for an employee who is leaving, this will show the current employees that they are indeed appreciated, even after they leave. 

Every going away party should start and end with a card. Check out some of our office eCards and choose an office goodbye card in which every employee can add their own custom digital message.

Here are a few other awesome activities to do for any office party:


Life Trivia

There is no more fun activity than getting the office together and putting them on the spot with some personal life trivia! This activity lets everyone know how much they truly knew their departing employee. And of course, it provides for some funny and embarrassing moments when co-workers miss some huge details – as long as no one is truly embarrassed.

Mystery Gifts

There is no better way to make an employee feel loved then by purchasing them goodbye gifts. Obviously it would be important to set a budget for this, because otherwise things might get out of hand. The most fun aspect of this activity would be to conceal the names of the gift giver, and then hand out the gifts one at a time in front of the team. The gift recipient would then have to guess who gave them each gift. It can be even more fun if everyone guesses together, and writes the names on a piece of paper. They can then publically keep track of all the names and see who gets the most correct!


A standard going away party would not be complete without a few speeches. At the very least, the employee who is departing should say a few words. But it would certainly be befitting for the boss and at least one coworker to give a speech of gratitude and thanks.


Instead of having everyone sit around awkwardly while eating Fritos and drinking white wine, it would definitely be fun to have a game or 2 prepared. This ensures a fun activity in which people can bond over, and actually have some fun! Some classics might include Dance Dance Revolution, which is a guaranteed entertaining hour of fun. For any office which is lacking in technology, try an old school game: Who Laughs First? Make everyone stand in a circle, then have each player take turns saying “haha”, “hehe” or “hoho”. Anyone who starts laughing is knocked out. The game keeps going until one person is knocked out.