Easter Gift Ideas for Adults, Kids, and Co-Workers

Easter Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids, Adults, and Co-Workers

This year the Easter holiday will fall out on March 27, 2016, and is a perfect opportunity for anyone to give a special gift to celebrate the holiday. Traditionally, Easter is a kids-centric holiday, with Easter egg hunts and other delectable treats that satisfy most kids’ sweet tooth’s. However, Easter can also be a great opportunity to give a gift to adults: be it a loved one, family member, or co-worker.


Kids Love Easter Eggs

Easter is essentially synonymous with Easter eggs and kids running around parks and searching for them. We’ll give you a little tip: kids are just as happy to receive an Easter egg rather than running around and searching for one. Sure, the hunt and chase is fun, but any kid will be super happy to receive a tasty chocolate Easter egg.

Some of the most popular chocolate Easter egg flavors are made with chocolate bars such as Twix, Reeses Pieces, and Snickers. Nutella is another great addition to any egg. This will require some culinary expertise, but your kids will definitely appreciate it.


Family Members

A sweet touch for a family member would be to send a basket. Obviously this works better if it’s for a family with kids. Keep in mind that an Easter basket can include much more than just the typical Easter egg.

There are various themes that one can use when building an Easter basket. For a couple with young children, the cutest and most effective option is a toy wagon, filled with plastic gardening toys. The kids will certainly appreciate the fun tools, and the parents will have just saved a trip to the department store. 

Another similar theme would be a toy truck packed with chocolate. This will keep a kid occupied for hours, and result in some seriously satisfied parents.


Loved Ones

There can certainly be a romantic element to Easter. When building an Easter basket, keep the color theme similar to Valentine’s Day, with red and black. Include love notes attached to each egg, as well as any other personalized messages. Some of these notes can include memories of prior dates that you two have went on. Additionally, be sure to add items such as candles and wine, in order to set the mood. And, in the off chance that you will be apart from your loved one, makes sure to send an Easter eCard so that you can connect with them no matter where they are in the world.


Office Culture

There is no steadfast rule for offices, because each office and co-working environment has a differnet culture. Obviulsly, you don’t want to hand out an ornate gift basket when others are handing out prepackaged Easter eggs. The general rule is that one really nice Easter egg is probably the best gesture. If you want to cover your bases, send an office eCard as well, in case your co-worker is abroad at the moment.