The Benefits of eCards vs Real Cards

eCards vs Real Cards: Which is Better?

 It’s a debate which only became relevant after the internet became a household item. eCards were invented, and to some degree, started to replace real cards.

 In recent years, there has been a push in the opposite direction, with many opting for sending real cards, with hand-written notes, in the mail. This old fashion approach is  becoming  more en-vogue, as people associate hand-written cards with more care and appreciation. Let’s break down the debate:

 Hand Written Cards Require Effort

 This indisputable fact is a key facet in the effectiveness of writing and sending a real greeting card. This requires multiple steps: buying the card from your local store, writing  a personal  note, buying a stamp, then delivering it via mailbox or post office.

Though in recent years, this tedious chore list has been taken down a notch. There are many services which don’t even require one leaving the house in order to send a real card. They can do it all from a website. However, a physical card delivered via a website won’t have a hand-written note on it, which certainly takes away some of the charm.

Free vs Cost

The Obvious benefit of an eCard is that it is 100% free. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it isn’t appreciated by its recipient. The fact that one doesn’t need to open up his or her wallet makes the notion of sending eCards to multiple people quite easy and fun.

Speed & Accessibility

The reason people love eCards is that they only require an internet connection. Anyone can send one! And literally at any time. If you’re in your house at midnight and you have a compunction to send an eCard, you can totally do it. For a real, physical card, however, you’ll have to wait until the stores open in the morning. eCards are always accessible, while real cards depend on a number of external issues.


One interesting aspect is the number of designs available. A physical greeting card in a store is limited to the shelf space and number of card sections dictated by the store. Online, however, one can peruse thousands and thousands of card designs, until he or she finds the design that they are seeking. Obviously, online defeats physical stores in terms of sheer choices and availability.

Aspects of Personalization

Sure, physical cards have the benefit of hand-written notes, which makes them more personal and intimate. However, eCards afford someone the possibility to personalize their card in a different manner: by uploading photos to a blank eCard or something similar.

Receiving a sleek photo eCard via email or social media is certainly unique. Imagine sitting on your computer, and then deciding to send an eCard via Facebook with a fun picture of you and your friend – within seconds, your friend will receive a very cool card on their wall.

Ultimately, it seems that the cards vs eCards debate rests on one’s preference of receiving a hand-written note versus a sleek, digital, custom eCard.

Regardless, the point to remember is that both options are already a step above, and will bring a smile to whomever receives a card, whether it’s digital or physical.