Graduation eCards

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Congrats Parachuting Sloth

Design by Keren Boshi (Threadless)

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Design by Denis Carrier (Threadless)

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Desert Untitled No III

Design by Eric Zelinski (Threadless)

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Jai Five

Design by Paul Jeong (Threadless)

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Amazing Star

Design by The Little Illustrator

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Design by James Burlinson (Threadless)

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Burger, Hot Dog, Pizza & Fries

Design by Kristian Gutierrez (Threadless)

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Hip Hip..Hooray!

Design by Kim Vervuurt (Threadless)

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Break A Leg

Design by Jaco Haasbroek (Threadless)

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Congrats Grad

Design by Lauren Griffin (Threadless)

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Saving Money

Design by Ignacio Diaz Arjona (Threadless)

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Yeah! eCard

Design by Weston Doty (Threadless)

Funny Graduation eCards for Free

Looking to send an eCard to a loved one or friend who recently graduated from college or university? Open Me has a huge selection of funny graduation eCards designed by Threadless and other awesome designers. Choose your favorite design and customize your graduation eCard, then send it online via email or Facebook.

Graduation eCards make more sense than you realize: graduations are usually busy, hectic days, with people travelling and flying in from all over the country. By sending a graduation eCard, you ensure that your card will be received: whether it’s an email or a Facebook wall post, your graduate will get a notification!