Clever & Witty eCards

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Zen Green Tea

Design by Kim Vervuurt (Threadless)

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Off The Chain

Design by Caravan Shirts

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Killer Ice Cream

Design by Suyoung Jang

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Refrigerator Running

Design by Josh Perkins (Threadless)

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My Gut, My Choice

Design by Alia Rezk (Threadless)

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Design by Nathan W. Pyle (Threadless)

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I Don't Wanna Taco Bout It

Design by Matthew Thomas Will (Threadless)

Clever, Witty & Punny eCards

Sometimes a plain funny eCard isn’t enough - people want puns and some old fashioned wit. Have no fear, Open Me’s awesome designers have crafted a bunch of punny and witty eCards to satisfy your clever bone. Whether it's a double entendre or a plain ol’ quip, we'll have you covered in the witty eCard department. Feel free to add your own clever message, as all of our cards can be edited, and sent via Facebook & email.