FEEL Better, we are rooting for you!


Thinking of you, Ducky. You bring so much light and goodness into the world and we all care about you so so much. Sending hugs.


Wishing you strength, alongside all my love and support during this time. You WILL get through it!

Grace from Princess Previews

You can do this! All our love and support.

Ruby and the team at Doxy

Wishing you much strength as you keep fighting to beat this thing. You're awesome!

Jess, of Phallophile Reviews

We hope you find the care box useful and comforting, and we are all thinking of you a lot. We wish you lots of strength, courage, and support, and we are here should you need anything.

I know you're a tough cookie - perhaps the toughest I've met. While still managing to be sweet and chewy. Okay this cookie metaphor is bad. I wish you speedy healing, physically and emotionally. Please know you're in my thoughts & I think you're a damn swell lady. I'm honored to know you!

Lilly the Dangerous
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Ducky, You're a strong, amazing woman and brilliant educator! You are so well-loved among our community, and we are so grateful for you and your impact. Your work changes lives! I wish you a speedy and effective recovery, sweet friend. This sloth is sending my hugs. Lots of love now and always!


Survival Kitty
Designed by Sergio Valenzuela Taveras (Threadless)

Survival Kitty

Design by Sergio Valenzuela Taveras (Threadless)

Survival Kitty

Design by Sergio Valenzuela Taveras (Threadless)

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