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Dearest Squeezington! Have a very wonderful, special birthday! Love you lots and sending you all the best wishes, because you are the best 😀love sianz xxxx


💖✨ Squeeeeeeze! Happy birthday ‘ueezy, I hope you have the best day and get so many presents it makes Sally a bit jealous! ✨💖


Happy Birthday, wonderful Squeeze! I hope you have a lovely day, and that the year ahead is filled with good times :)

Paul Rissen (@r4isstatic)

Dear Squeeze - thinking of you very much on your birthday - and every day, wishing you bouncier and stronger with each one that passes.

Paul C

Howdy from Texas! I couldn't pass the opportunity to write for someone so special. I wish you the best on your birthday. Have fun and enjoy all the gifts you'll receive today. Sincerely from the opposite side of earth, ilse

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Happy birthday!!!!!!


Best of all Squeezes, have a wonderful birthday! We miss you lots and lots. Love from


Have a wonderful birthday. We miss you lots


Happy Birthday, Squeeze! Many hugs and much love ☺

Katie (Justakittie)

Happy birthday Weez! Hope you have the best day possible! Lots of love

Your bro

Dear Squeeze, Happy Birthday to my best and toughest of all sisters. Love you very much x


Happy birthday Squeeze. We love you loads. Love Nancy, Derek and Juno xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Happy Birthday from some random on the interwebs!

Steve W.

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