Stefano-congratulations on your retirement! I am very jealous :) Thank you for your dedicated service to Vail these past 20 years, it will not be the same without you! Hopefully we will still see you around. Enjoy your time off!


Stefano, Congratulations on a well earned transition to retirement! Thank you for the 20 years you dedicated your many skills and services to support Vail Place. You will be so missed! Don't be a stranger!


Stefano, no one could ever replace you because you are legendary! You are the real deal, and Vail Place has grown so much in part to your loving care and support for so many years. May the sun keep shining on you as you embark on new adventures. Be well...

julie plante

Stefano, it has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside you at Vail Place for so many years. Thank you for sharing your fiery passion, sharp wit and endless creativity with Vail Place - it has helped shape who we are today! Ti auguro ogni bene.


Stefano, Congratulations on your retirement! I appreciate all you have done for Vail over the years! I will miss your dry sense of humor, your creativity and your ability to make me chuckle! Enjoy your time with your family and do all your favorite things every day! Warmly, Shelly


Stefano - Thank you so much for all of your great work at Vail Place!! I really enjoyed working with you on the Development/Communications committee. Your work on the Dr. Vail Hour was incredible and you will be deeply missed.

Kristy Krueger

What a joy it was working with you, Stefano. Vail Place is losing a huge asset. Congratulations and "Happy Retirement." Grazie e buona fortuna, mio amico.

Chris Johnson
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Good luck, Stefano!!! You were always a huge asset to Vail Place and a good friend to me if I wanted to talk to you. Years ago, I visited you quite frequently and discussed computer technology sometimes. You always asked how I was doing. You may not recognize me in my more "aged" picture!

Emery Carlsten

Stefano! Thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Vail Place over the years! Dr. Vail Hour has always been amazing thanks to you! We appreciate you and you will be missed. Best of luck in the future and enjoy retirement! - Trish

Trisha Horning

Stefano! A big congratulations to you on reaching this milestone. It has been a joy getting to work alongside you over the years and watch your writing talents come to life via Dr. Vail Hour. You will be greatly missed - wishing you the very best!

Tyler Keyes

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